Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Merchandise Coming Soon?

Two little tweets by a big Disney Website can set the world on fire. And so it did last night at when they reported that the new cards were coming out soon and will include Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow.

Then there was the merchandise tweet. Touring Plans is reporting that Disney will release a SotMK Key chain that will replace your key card.

Who knows what else we will be seeing in the future,  200+ cards, SotMK at every Park.  Rest assured, if it happens we’ll report it.


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Author: Merlin

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  • Jenn Byers

    I love the idea of a keychain! I hope there is some opportunity for customization of the keychain as well

  • sorcerersofthemk

    I just hope the Jack Sparrow isn’t an Ultra Rare card. 

  • Thebaseballmommy

    I think having a key is a great idea!!! Especially since I have lost my key before! Hope it’s true, and can’t wait to buy it and play again!!!

  • Roxane

    Can’t wait for the key chain. I sure hope they’ll be giving out the new cards in the daily packs too.