New SOTMK Portable Checklist May Change Everything

When we started this site we thought the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom merchandise would be the talk of the town by now.  Well so far, no new merchandise has been put out and it seems the aurora about the game and the cards is dwindling, and that leaves some of the biggest fans of the game yearning for more.  While there is still no news from Disney about the Packs of Cards, T-Shirts, Mugs, SOTMK Vinylmations or anything else Disney can stick the SOTMK logo on, we do have something for you.

Our friends over at has produced a portable SOTMK Checklist that features all of the cards and information.  Once you download the checklist you can open it in a pdf reader and checkoff the cards you have and save it.  Also, if you like you can put it on you mobile device and take it with you.  The checklist looks great and if you are at the parks and want to zoom in on a card you may be able to use it.

You can follow our newest friend at, and on Twitter at @thewdwplanner

Click the link below to download the interactive SOTMK Checklist from

New SOTMK Checklist


Author: Merlin

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  • Thewdwplanner

    Glad you like! Thanks for the shout out!

  • Thewdwplanner

    So I’m thinking of doing a redesign of this tracker.  Any interest in a more condensed, 1 or 2 sheets to just track collection, without all the added info?

    • Anita Bradbury

      Can we get the list please

  • Anita Bradbury

    Wish the list was still available