Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom t-Shirts, Offical Spell Book and Pins are on the way.

Yesterday, Disney held an online chat with SOTMK Imagineer, Jonathan Ackley.  The subject was the Interactive games such as SOTMK and the new Agent P Adventure at Epcot.  Fans could submit their questions and he would answer them.  We found out a lot during the chat.

Below are a few of the highlights from the chat with Jonathan Ackley:

“The SOMK cards seem to have a lot of detail too them. Is there any significance to the patterns/symbols that I might be missing?”

Yes, there’s a lot of significance to the detail on the cards. The spell type – “gross,” “charming,” etc. – refers to a type of spell that a particular villain might be susceptible to. For example, if you cast a “gross” spell on Cruella, on her it will be doubly as effective than other characters. That’s very important to know in medium and hard levels.

How many spell cards can you hold up? I’ve tried a few before but it seems to only grab one of them.

If you’re playing as a single player, it’s limited to two – it’s limited by the number of people in your party. Depending on the size of our party, you can cast up to six spells at once.

Will SOMK ever be featured in Tomorrowland or New Fantasyland?

We’re always looking at our options, but nothing planned at this point.

When will the medium and hard levels be open again?

We’re currently doing a lot of investigation into how to run medium and hard levels. we don’t have any specific date. We’re continuing to test those features.

How long did it take to for SOTMK to go from an idea to release?

Five years!

Then for many SOTMK fans, they brought in Disney Merchandise Communications Manager, Steven Miller.  Here is what he had to say about the future of SOTMK merchandise.

Are you going to sell SOMK-themed merchandise?

We have a few options currently in development for merchandise. The softlines team is designing a few tee-shirts. There will also be an official spell card book released.

Speaking of pins, we have two different items coming in late 2012. One will be a mystery pin set based on the villains featured in the game. The second, which is my favorite, is an open edition replica medal pin. The pin’s design was based on the medal that Merlin gives in the final scene of the game.

A large majority of you are asking about the SOMK cards 61-70. Let me have Steven speak to those questions…

We’re currently looking at a few options as to how we’re going to release cards 61-70, so stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog!

Now from a fan’s standpoint it’s funny how they didn’t mention anything beyond 70 cards or even packs.  So, either the rumors aren’t true or they are still keeping it a secret.
What do you think?  We’d love to know what you thought of the chat and the “announcements”.

Author: Merlin

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