New At-Home Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game to feature Lightning Cards

This update may just be one of the longest awaited updates in a while.  Ever since Disney decided to pull the 61-70 cards, every SOTMK player has wanted these cards.  Well the wait is almost over.  According to the Disney Blog, the At-home game will be released in August and feature one Lightning card per set. Also note the “Booster Pack” will be $11.95 each and contain 7 cards (One Rare), gameboard and tokens.  Below is the article that they posted earlier.

In early June, I participated in a live chat with Imagineer Jonathan Ackley about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This interactive, role-playing adventure lets apprentice sorcerers help Merlin keep the Disney Villains from taking over the Magic Kingdom. It’s a fun experience that I’ve had a chance to play with my son. During the live chat, several readers asked about the remaining spell cards – numbers 61 to 70. I have good news; Disney Theme Park Merchandise is introducing a new trading card game in August that is based on Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This at-home game includes a way to obtain those super rare spell cards plus a whole bunch more. I spoke with Cody Hampton, Associate Developer for toys and games, about what to expect.

“We wanted a way to extend the magic found with the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom experience beyond the park,” explained Cody. “We created a trading card game that allows guests to use the cards from their in-park experience in a whole new way at home.”

The trading card game will contain seven randomly selected spell cards (including at least one super rare spell card), one of four game boards, game rules, new tokens and a complete spell card checklist. I spoke with Disney Design Group Artist Quynh Kimball who worked on the game development.

“We worked closely with Walt Disney Imagineering while creating the game,” said Quynh. “They provided images from the in-park experience for the at-home version. There are four different game boards featuring Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Jafar and Cruella DeVil. Much like the in-park game, the goal is to work together as a team to get the villain’s power level to zero. The game rules are very thorough but easy to understand. I think anyone ages six and up will have a fun time playing.”

The game will be released at several Walt Disney World Resort locations, and it will be carried via the onlineDisney Parks Store at a future date.

A new mystery pin set is also planned for release later this year. I shared artwork of the set during the live chat. Now, I’m happy to share with you the actual pins from this Disney Villains-themed set – how wonderful to see my favorite villain, Hades!

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  • Lotrbabe19

    So, I am going to have to pay a minimum of $120, not counting tax, just for a CHANCE at having a complete set? As if Disney doesn’t already get enough of our money by overcharging everything from a day ticket to a soda… Why can’t they release them in the free card packs but still make them rare to get?

  • Joshua Emidio

    any idea about when we will be able to by game on the online Disney Parks Store?