Complete Checklist

The Complete Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Checklist

1. Apprentice Mickey Brooksticks Mystical Spell
2. Belle Mountain Blizzard Princess Spell
3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Toy Spell
4. Doris Bowler Hat Attack Machine Spell
5. Eve Laser Blast Machine Spell
6. Mulan’s Dragon Cannon Princess Spell
7. Flynn Rider Flying Frying Pan Warrior Spell
8. King Triton Trident Warrior Spell
9. Lython Rock Titan Boulder Throw Monster Spell
10. Maurice Wood Chopper Hero Spell
11. Maximus Horseshoes Animal Spell
12. Merlin Fireball Mystic Spell
13. Monstro Water Spout Animal Spell
14. Nib Neverland Assault Hero Spell
15. Rapunzel Hair Whip Princess Spell
16. Robin Hood Magic Arrow Warrior Spell
17. Simba Roar Animal Spell
18. Fairy Godmother Pumkin Bash Fairy Spell
19. The Giant Giant Stomp Monster Spell
20. Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Fairy Spell
21. Violet Force Field Hero Spell
22. Woody Cowboy Lasso Toy Spell
22a. Woody w/ Slinky Dog Cowboy Lasso Toy Spell
23. Aladdin Lamp Warrior Spell
24. Bolt Super Bark Animal Spell
25. Cinderella Magic Ribbon Princess Spell
26. Colonel Hathi Rigteous Stomp Animal Spell
27. Eeyore Gloomy Cloud Toy Spell
28. Frozone Ice Blast Hero Spell
29. Lightning McQueen Ka-Chow Machine Spell
30. Mickey’s Magic Beans Hero Spell
31. Mike Wazowski Grand Entrance Monster Spell
32.  Pinocchio Sawdust Blast Toy Spell
33. Prince Phillip Enchanted Sword Warrior Spell
34. Snow White Housecleaning Princess Spell
35. The Headless Horseman Exploding Jack-o-Lantern Monster Spell
36. The Mad Hatter Tea Time Mystic Spell
37. The Queen of Hearts  Card Army Warrior Spell
38. The Sugar Plum Fairies Dewdrop Spiderweb Fairy Spell
39. Wall-E Trash Crunch Machine Spell
40. Yen Sid Sorcerer’s Hat Mystic Spell
41. Aurora Rose Petals Princess Spell
42. Baloo Coconut Cascade Animal Spell
43. Caballero Donald Piñata Warrior Spell
44. Dash Whirlwind Hero Spell
45. Flower Flowers Animal Spell
46. Gopher Demolition Dynamite Toy Spell
47. Grumpy Pummeling Pickaxe Hero Spell
48. Lumiere Candle Blast Warior Spell
48a. Lumiere (Perforated)** Candle Blast Warrior Spell
49. Mowgli Swinging Vine Warrior Spell
50. Mr. Toad Wild Ride Hero Spell
50a. Mr. Toad (Perforated)** Wild Ride Hero Spell
51. Pocahontas Colors of the Wind Princess Spell
52. Pongo Soot Bucket Animal Spell
53. Prince Naveen Army of Frogs Hero Spell
53a. Prince Naveen (Perforated)** Army of Frogs Hero Spell
54. Pumbaa Odorous Gas Animal Spell
55. Quasimodo Bell Monster Spell
56. Rafiki Wisdom Stick Mystic Spell
56a. Rafiki (Perforated)** Wisdom Stick Mystic Spell
57. The Blue Fairy Wand Wish Fairy Spell
58. The Woozles Woozle Nightmare Animal Spell
58a. The Woozles(Perforated)** Woozle Nightmare Animal Spell
59. Thumper Mighty Thump Animal Spell
60. Tiana Hot Sauce Princess Spell
61. Ariel Bubble Attack  Princess Spell
62. Dumbo  Elephant Parade  Animal Spell
63. Finn McMissle Missile Salvo  Machine Spell
64. Hercules  Tower Topple  Warrior Spell
65. Jasmine  Magic Carpet Tassles of Fury  Princess Spell
66. Mama Odie Magic Charm  Mystic Spell
67. Merryweather  Stone Spell  Fairy Spell
68.  Mr. Incredible Power Heave  Hero Spell
69. Mushu  Fiery Breath  Monster Spell
70. Winnie the Pooh  Honey Bees  Toy Spell
CM.  The Cast Member *** Power of the Four Keys Hero Spell
01/P Chip & Dale MNSSHP + Bag of Tricks Animal Spell
02/P Wayne & Lanny MVMCP ++ Ornament Barrage Toy Spell
03/P Haunted Mansion’s Hitchhiking Ghosts +++ Happy Haunting Grounds Monster Spell

Please note: Cards 1-60 all come in two versions, the eariler versions had more rounded corners while the later versions are more square.

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* Cards have so far come in a variety of ways. Over the counter, Games Card Sleeve, Cello Wrapped.

** The Perforated Cards are from the February edition of the Disney CM Magazine, Eyes & Ears.

*** The CM Card is a 5×7 card with no power and was given to February 22, 2012 Opening Day Cast Members.

+ The MNSSHP Chip & Dale Card was given out to attendees of the event from 9/11/12 thru 11/2/12

++ The Wayne and Larry MVMCP Card was given out to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party attendess in November 2012 thru December 2012

+++ The MNSSHP Haunted Mansion Card will be given out to attendess of the 2013 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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